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Prisoner of Azkaban

Don't worry, no spoilers that haven't been in trailers or news.

The change in directors: A Columbus movie, while still enjoyable, wouldn't have been the same...this one was just right.

What's there/not there: Robes--I like these even better than the other ones. Quidditch--Present. But seriously, how boring it would get if there were a long drawn out quidditch scene in every movie. The new fellow playing Dumbledore suits better, in my honest opinion. More decisive with more of a sense of humor about him. Much closer to how I pictured him.

Scenes: I still love that scene from the trailer with Snape slamming the shutters window by window, then commanding a page number. Mmm. And the boggart scene, too.

And I love that willow tree. I really do.


We were waiting in a line inside the theater at 1100, got seated at 1200, and the movie started at 1300. Good thing we did go earlier. Finding four good seats together after 1215 just wasn't happening. But hey, for a free sneak preview, I'd wait even longer if I had to. The only down side is the caffiene-deprivation headache that is now threatening to push out my eyeballs. I didn't want to have to go pee during the movie, so no soda for Dawn.

Oh! And they gave us Knight Bus lego sets on the way out the door. Yay!

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