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$2.119 on the base for regular unleaded, $35.95 to fill the tank on my truck. I actually considered starting to take the bus/trolley last night, but while I was waiting in the gas line today I realized that I decided that I refused to be manipulated by the folks who are trying to tax me out of my car. See, if it weren't for the $0.18 in excise gasoline taxes I wouldn't be paying over two dollars a gallon. I wouldn't object to this so much if it weren't for the fact that one third of the gas tax actually goes to prop up the mass transit system here. Then there's the $0.088 sales tax, and the $0.184 federal tax.

That's over $0.45 per gallon in taxes. Today's tank produced $7.61 in state and federal tax revenue.

And the other reason my gas is so expensive? California has special formulation requirements to make it burn more cleanly. That's good for the air, but it lets oil companies play with the prices since we can't just truck gasoline in from Nevada. The MTBE isn't good either, although that's supposed to be phased out. MTBE is some nasty stuff.

Then there's the difficulty of building or upgrading refineries in the state, although I doubt that bothers the oil companies as much as it bothers the consumer.

And a note on SoCal mass transit: It's not like the east coast, where you can hop onto a train and get where you want to go quickly and easily. Some areas just aren't served--you'd have to drive to the bus or trolley stop--and expanding the service to everywhere wouldn't pay for itself. San Diego is horizontal in its population distribution, unlike large eastern cities that are vertical.


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May. 7th, 2004 11:34 pm (UTC)
Personally I think excuses about special forumlation requirements making is more expensive are BS. We don't have all the reqirements like CA here. Our gas has been about $2.16-$2.17 for the lowest grade all week, for no good reason at all.

I heard prices are going up because Shell closed a refinery down in CA.
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