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Tuesday hash

I don't smoke, but I definitly think that the proposed legislation to ban smoking in cars when children are in them is the wrong thing to do. I suppose that's because of my inherent distrust of any legislation where the phrase "the interests of the children" is used by the bill's supporters. If this passes, next perhaps people with children won't be able to smoke in their homes? Or drink? Or own a firearm?


I've come to the realization that I will probably miss my class reunion yet again. I skipped the 5 year because I couldn't afford a flight from Guam. I missed the 10 year because my daughter was due. The 15 year came in 2000, and I was in the middle of the CPO season...as a selectee. Now, for the 20 year reunion, I'll be one month aboard my next sea command, and it's rather tacky to ask for leave immediately after reporting aboard. I suppose I'll see them all in 2010.


Planted sunflowers and watermelons. Child is excited. I think I am, too. Not so hot today, either. As I left the office at noon to go to Medical, I saw that the ships on the piers were wrapped in fog. I love fog in the afternoons...unless I'm on a ship at Sea & Anchor Detail trying to navigate through it. Still, the sleek lines of the grey ship blended into the curtain of fog; along the street in front of the pier, red geraniums glowed in the sunlight.

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