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Still no running in my immediate future, particularly at the PRT. That Coast Guard cutter and the ride back in on the RHIB fixed that. Damned tendon.

Still a few pounds heavy, too, but what came with the stress-eating just ain't melting away as fast as it got there.

Still writing quite a bit of fanfic and not much original stuff. Time to weed out the characters, though. Fortunately there's an event designed just for that...although the seeds will be planted to make more characters disappear in later months.

Still looking forward to June 2005. I must not be the only one, either. The other day, when we were coming back from the Coast Guard cutter, the duty driver must have asked the gate guard how he was doing. The fellow rattled off, "Hot wish it would snow ready to go back to sea." I echo that, save for the snow part. But I hope that two years of sea time in my future doesn't screw up the knee even more.

Still planning to take that Biology class in June, even though the first three weeks are now filled with two weeks of underway. Unless the engineers take away the keys, but those ships are too far along in the cycle for that.

And last of all...Still dislike stupid people. That's a general statement, not specific to any one person. Somehow I do not see this changing.

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