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I have garden!

And I am done planting things, except for maybe a few more, lol...

Here's what we have now, starting next to the sliding door and moving around:

-Blue delphinium, in a grey-green textured pot
-Oregano in a yellow pot
-Cream/yellow daisy-like mums in a glazed reddish pot
-Red-purple verbena in a blue glazed pot
-Nasturtiums in a green pot
-A dinky partially-glazed reddish pot with parsley seeds
-Basil in a big terra cotta pot
-White dwarf carnations in a blue-rimmed terra cotta pot with a dragonfly on it
-Red-purple verbena in a gold glazed pot
-Red geraniums in a big, deep blue glazed pot
_Oregano in a glazed green pot
-A dinky partially-glazed reddish pot with parsley seeds
-Red-purple verbena in a textured, swirled terra cotta bowl
-Purple heliotrope in a yellow pot
-Red-brown dahlia in a glazed green pot
-Ficus and creeping rosemary in a large swirled terra cotta pot
-English thyme in a plastic terra cotta colored pot
-Blue lobelia and Mexican heather in a copper tub
-Two copper boxes on the fence with white bacopa and red-brown pansies
-One triangular redwood-bordered plant bed with a Roma tomato, a Yellow pear tomato, a Serrano chile, and a Jalapeno chile
-One wooden trellis with star jasmine
-One large terra cotta pot with triangular pointed openings, holding six strawberry plants and waiting for one more in the top
-One sixpack of irish moss waiting to be artistically arranged in the rocks
-Two of the verbena plants (one died when I left the pack on the porch and it baked) that I have no idea where they are going, unless it's in the rocks or into small terra cotta bowls.

Tomorrow we stick some watermelon and giant sunflower seeds into the veggie bed, and then clear up the yard.

Pictures to follow when all is clean. (Provided I remember where the camera cable is. Haven't seen it since the move.)

In other news, it got damn hot again today. Probably up to at least 95, since it was over 100 out in El Cajon. I wimped out and turned on the AC when it got to be 90 in the house.

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