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The cats are so pissed. They got their Advantix today. With the dog in the back yard next door, and the big dog two doors down, we do get a few fleas in the yard.


Spring cleaning-ish...but it might be too hot to stick around the house without turning on the AC.


The microwave died today. Since both the control panel and the interior light are gone, I suspect the power supply failed. I suppose I could fix it, but the time, effort, and money spent make it not worth repairing. Assuming that I didn't electrocute myself in the process, since I have no grounding bar and even if I did, there's no good solid ground to clip it to.

How did our society become so disposable? TV breaks? Replace it. The charities don't even want to take them and fix them. Computer woefully out of date? Chuck it. No one wants it. Even cars--set off the airbags and you've got a repair bill for more than half of the car's worth.

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