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So I'm up for my opthomology appointment, waiting after having the dilating drops in my eyes, and this older woman asks me..."Have you ever had half your sight just go black?"

So I moved to a chair closer to her and told her yes. She's scared, and worried, and I completely understand. They'll find what's causing it for her, and get her fixed up...or so I told her. It's scary when things happen to your vision. Really freaking scary.

I had forgotten just what it was like to have my eyes dilated. The dark apartment feels so good to my eyes right now...

Have to go back for a full vision field test to see if all of my vision has returned or not. Not looking forward to sitting in that chair and looking into the white box for an hour, but I do want to know if things are back to normal. It's on the list for next week, along with all of the appointments associated with the 5 year physical and the PRT. I bet I don't get a waiver this time around, but of course, the knee is aching again.

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