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Aphid corpses on the pansies. I am pleased.


Registered for the internship. At first, she was going to sign me up for both semesters concurrently, making me finish by the end of August, but I honestly think I need until December. The Bio class is offered on base through City in June, so I'm taking it. Got to find out when they schedule the Dantes tests and sign up for that Environmental one. Someone told me that it's really easy if you just give the most liberal answer you can think of.


Underway next week. Taking internship projects, writing projects, and touchy-feely environmental (TFE) text.


Took the kid to Cost Plus today, where we perused many interesting items and walked out with a pair of small marzipan pigs. Mmm. Saw another long planter, smaller than the other but prettier and better suited to the purpose...but also $40. Must consider. Was thinking of using baskets...but then thought of making fabric screen. If I backlit it, at night the rippling fabric would be quite pretty. Must think more on this.


Still trying to figure out how to convince the husband to dig up the grass from a large chunk of yard, then build a planter box...and make it look nice. Perhaps if I promised to plant peppers and tomatoes in it?


Started the process for my physical today. I didn't realize how hard the last few years have been on my body until I started answering the "Do you now or have you ever" questions.


I'm old AND broken.

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