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Oh, well....

Some time ago I got some junk mail offering me a free copy of a magazine. It looked interesting, and since I didn't want to subscribe to something that would end up being junk, I took the offer.

Here's the letter I wrote to the subscription office:

"The solicitation I received offered me a free issue of Wilson Quarterly, and the option, as I understood it, to cancel if I did not like the issue. I might actually have liked it, if I had ever seen one.

Instead of a free issue, I received the membership card along with the subscription bill. I held onto it, waiting to see the issue to find out if I wanted to continue.

The issue never came, but your second request for payment did. At this point I can honestly say that even if I found a copy of your magazine somewhere and loved it from cover to cover, I wouldn’t subscribe since I feel that the terms of the solicitation were misrepresented.

Cancel my membership and subscription and do not send me any more offers."

I dropped it in the mailbox, along with three responses to credit card offers (One postage-paid envelope held a Claritin magnet and the other two held each other's offers without our name on them) and then opened my mailbox.

"Yay," I said, "My license plates are here." I eagerly pulled them out, along with the two flyers from a store, and...the magazine I'd just spurned.

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