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From Mysterious Galaxy's author events page:

Raymond E. Feist
Signs King of Foxes
Saturday, April 10, 2:30 PM

We are pleased to continue the tradition of being Raymond E. Feist's "home town" store, and launch his newest Midkemia novel on Saturday, April 10, at 2:30 PM. Tal Hawkins, the hero of Talon of the Silver Hawk, has become an operative for the Conclave of Shadows. In King of Foxes, he goes deep undercover to get to the man responsible for the wholesale slaughter of Tal's hometown and family - an undertaking that puts him at odds with his own beliefs. Ray will discuss some of his forthcoming projects, like the comic version of "The Wood Boy" in stores in May, and Prince of the Blood: Author's Preferred 15th Anniversary Edition, due in June.

Whee! I haven't been to one of his signings since...since before I went to Maine, so that must have been between 1994 and 1997. The current series is definitely better than the Krondor, the... books, even if they aren't as good as Magician. He's interesting to listen to, though, and I don't have class that weekend, so whee!

(Note to self...save enough money to buy the blasted book.)

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