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How did it get to be Friday already?

Oh. I know. Friday came so fast because I've got an assignment due for WED 469. The assignment is on employee motivation, and I must choose a workplace problem, discuss it in terms of motivation theories, find some examples of similar problems, and then make recommendations to solve said problem.

The topic presented itself, really: Low-producing employees following a merger. As Fifteen of Twenty, I think I understand the employee point of view quite well.

In other news, the assignment came back from WED 398C...that's the paper on...um...Professional Certification. And now we just have to write the rest of it.

And then there's the SVDPV internship work...

Maybe it's a good thing that I have nothing to do today at work? Except for the paperwork to transfer three months earlier than scheduled, which would put me looking at orders in September instead of December, and trotting off to a ship in June 2005.

Which of course lines up with my plans to permanantly move to Indiana in July 2007. I've no idea what I'll do when I actually have to work for a living.

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