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Took the kid to see the new Cody Banks movie. I categorize it as not too bad, but definitely at her interest level.

Went to the bookstore after, and as I was contemplating whether or not I wanted to get another Pratchett, two girls came into the SF/F section, looking for "one that wasn't too long" for a book report. I described a few, but this darned mall store has mostly fantasy and a limited selection of SF... In vain, I hunted for On Basilisk Station or one of Bujold's books featuring Cordelia Naismith, but no joy. Eventually I picked up a slender book, held it out, and said, "This one is about a fireman, but his job is to burn books because ideas are dangerous." She went home with Farenheight 451.

Got new lamps for the living room, too. Ever since I dragged home a cheap thrift store nightstand to serve as an end table for the chair, I've wanted a lamp for it. Well, Penney's had a three lamp brushed stainless set on sale--two table lamps and a floor lamp, so we got 'em. Yay! Light to read with!

Much to read, too...got the last Goodkind book, but it'll have to wait until I feel like starting from the beginning again. Same with the Jordan book. Can't keep the two storylines straight in my head any more. Hubby's happily reading an old Ernie Pyle book I dragged home last week. I like old books, but only if they're interesting.

Still not sure if my eyes are acting up again...can't tell if there's really a problem or if I'm just worried that there's a problem. I really don't want to do the steroid thing again. *sigh* I do see a bit of a color difference between the two, but I can't quite verify if some of the vision is missing from the peripherals.


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Mar. 14th, 2004 07:06 pm (UTC)
Have the latest Goodkind's been worth reading? I haven't read them in awhile. I *adored* the first one, like the second and third, and from there I can't really remember. We have most of them, but ...

I get Goodkind and Jordan mixed as well. Makes me feel better.

I am truly happiest I've been in along time, with a fantasy epic anyway, with George R. R. Martin's "Song of Fire & Ice" series so far. Have you read those?

Also, I really enjoyed _A Cavern of Black Ice_ by J. V. Jones. I hear the second isn't as nice though--haven't gotten a chance to read it though....
Mar. 14th, 2004 07:35 pm (UTC)
The next-to-last Goodkind felt preachy-political to me and I didn't care much for it, even if it was similar to my own views.

I've heard good things about the Martin books but always forget when I go to the bookstore. Must try to remember. Right now I've discovered Priestess of Avalon lying neglected on my bookshelf and am reading that.
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