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Looking back to May

For some reason, weapons of mass destruction became a topic of conversation, and I went back on a BB I visit to find a particular post.

Originally posted by (omitted)
I personally think they are still in the United States. President Bush hasn't found a place to hide them not too obvious, so that they can be "discovered" from the allied troops somewhat later...
My response:

Actually, they're stored in my garage, and over the next few weeks I'll be shipping them to various addresses in Iraq. There, trusted henchmen will be setting up the contents to look like they were in Iraq all the time. We're just waiting until the ink has dried on the documentation enough for us to chemically 'age' the paper so that an authentic paper trail can be established back to 1991.

My little crew of loyal henchpersons has made up botulism and anthrax labs, created sarin and ricin production lines, and is especially proud of the mini-reactor that turns out weapons-grade plutonium. We'll have to ship that out first, though, because we're seeing some pretty strange rodents lately and the birds are starting to fly funny.

(Note to reader...if you believe this post, I know a Nigerian family that needs your help moving money out of Nigeria, a guy who can set you up with a home business processing refunds for UPS and FEDEX, and a buddy who knows about a secret computer virus that leaves a file on your computer that you ought to delete.)

Point is, we can all post opinions, beliefs, theories, or whatever. That doesn't necessarily make what we post true or even within reason.

One of the fellows read it, and said..."I'd not post anything like that. People might come and search your garage."

So I thought back, and doggone it, 5 May was when my garage got broken into and my car stolen...but it was 6 May when I made the post. I guess my garage was foremost in my mind that week.

I've been thinking a lot about the last year and a half, and I've come to one inescapable conclusion: Shipboard life shields one from many of the ups and downs of real life. All of those things (car theft, family issues, illness) would have happened anyway, but I wouldn't have been home to have to deal with them. No wonder some folks stay at sea until the Navy makes them go home.

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