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I love things that come with short notice. Spent the morning (after peeing in the bottle and telling urinalysis horror stories) loading the tech pubs on all thirteen computers in the classroom so that we can be ready to teach a course in there next week. Then I started prepping my lesson plan. Now, to the casual observer, one cruiser looks just like another, and theoretically, they are the same. When it comes to the electronics inside, though, there are differences. And even when there are similarities, there are sometimes differences in the publications. And next week, we're teaching them to use the publications.

Add in a handful of career counselor stuff and Dawn's been a busy girl.

I have a webcast to watch and comment on, a training proposal to be written with a group that hasn't contacted me yet, and a research paper on using technology in training. I am trying so hard not to leave it all for the last minute.

Tired today.

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