Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,


Girlchild spent all week last week, and part of the holiday working on a project for class. Each child had to pick a Native American tribe and complete a report (including listing references!) as well as do a project, and then present it to the class. She worked very hard on it, and we had at least one night with a complete frustration break-down. Some time in between girlchild turning it in, then pulling it back out of the tub and hanging onto it while waiting for her presentation, then setting it on her desk during a break...some time in there, all but the first page of her report disappeared.

I know that darned thing was whole when it went into her backpack. Papa picked her up, and they searched the classroom to no avail, but did not completely root through the trash. Her teacher thinks she left that part at home.

I am not making her do it again.

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