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As a news story about the Iowa Caucus came on, I suddenly had the mental picture of a whole bunch of Iowa Democrats standing in a room, pointing at someone and shouting "Stranger! Stranger!"


I hope to get away with only a brief call to work tomorrow. Thank goodness for assistants in collateral duties, otherwise I'd have to go and see if that blasted message is in...but all of the systems show the SRB as being approved. Hope the message is in the download queue in the morning.

Of course if Miss Precious had done her job, we would have sorted all of this out weeks ago instead of days before the reenlistment. Grrr!


Yay! My textbook got here in time. Tomorrow must must must do the one page discussion on preparing people for productive roles in the workplace.


Viable Paradise is accepting submissions now. I think if I don't make it this year, I won't make it until my Navy time is up. Next year I'll be transferring back to sea, and somehow I just don't think I'll find time while at sea...although the money obstacle will be gone with sea pay.


A woman here in the San Diego area survived an allergic reaction that caused all of her skin to slough off. Makes any of my problems sound very small, indeed.

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