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Too Late

Drat! As I suspected, I ought to have been waived from the weight measurements this cycle, but I’d waited until after I saw the neurologist first. Sigh. It didn’t help that neurology had to reschedule until AFTER I’d already weighed, and then I couldn’t get an appointment for screening until a week AFTER I ran. Add to that the fact that I was an obvious idiot when I filled out the risk factor screening – I should have chosen ‘yes’ on one of the blocks, which would have triggered an automatic review of my record prior to being allowed to participate at all. Turns out, I ought not have done ANY of the cycle – no physical test, no weigh in, because there wasn’t adequate time to train due to all of the medical stuff. (As I look back at ‘stuff’ and ‘drat’, I wonder when I decided to go “G” rated, lol.)

If it is too late, then I shall just have a nice, long, detailed statement to go with the page 13 in my record. I shall tilt at that windmill tomorrow.
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