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Things I must do....

...in no particular order:

~Clean up this pit.

~Send along a few coposts for AFW.

~Finish the sample test pack due next weekend. The test item question-questions are written, but the sample work project, evaluation sheet, identification problem, and...uh...whatever the heck else it was still need doing. Then the whole thing gets formatted, printed, and bound.

~Study for the damned test next weekend. I didn't care for the questions on the midterm - he seems awfully fond of Grondlund's rule #18 for multiple choice item writing - which is that all rules can be disregarded for a good reason. What the heck? What kind of answer is 'A and B, but not C' in multiple choice? And for the record, I hate standardized scoring. My military-warped mind has become so performance-oriented that I really detest relational grading - your grade is in relation to everyone else.

~Write more on story.

~Start doing Christmas-preparation stuff, like writing cards and such. I will send cards this year. Which reminds me...must get mint fudge oreos for shipment to New Zealand.

And with all of this to do, here I sit, journalling time away. Why did I come downstairs? Oh, yeah. Paper towels to clean the bathroom mirror.
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