Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

The Governator

Davis is finally gone! Yay!

The nasty tripled car tax was repealed...reminder to self - ask hubby if he remembered to register the truck....

The legislature is going to get called into session to look again at that idiotic idea about letting people get driver's licenses without legal residency.

If nothing else gets fixed, those two things are still worth the whole mess...but I'm looking forward to the accounting of where all of our taxes (hey, if they claim that my income counts to determine tax rate because of community property laws, then I'm a California taxpayer too) have been going, and where all of those earmarked funds went instead of where they were supposed to. Like the gas tax. And the extra bit of sales tax for 911 and emergency services. And all of the other crap they sold the state over the last few years.

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