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NaNo words today: 519
NaNo words total: 1586

I don't think I shall make the official goal, but my personal goal was to start this darned thing and keep going. I have already exceeded any piece I've done before, so the key is to keep forging onward, avoiding going back to edit, and reading the day's progress to the hubby.

I am particularly proud that I haven't yet included large descriptions of the scenery, wedges of background information, photographic word-pictures of my characters, or any other huge pace-slowing block of data. So far so good!


In other news, about half of the day's words precluded studying for the test I took today, but the prof uses standardized scores -- which I hate detest loathe -- so I'll come out okay. Must make sure I study for the final on 7 December, though.

And writing all those test items for the final project is sure going to cut into my creative writing time.

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