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Fire rants

A darned good map from the North County Times showing the Cedar and Paradise fires. From the same source, here is the updated version of the same map I've posted the last two days.

Amid all of the other comments over the conduct of the fire, some activists are bitching about the press conferences being in English and not provided in Spanish. Well, damn! I thought we were living in the US. They complained that the evacuation centers didn't have spanish speakers to assist evacuees. I have a quick fix for that one. Some of these 'prominent Latino' people who are bitching need to get off their asses and go volunteer, like the rest of the people working at the evacuation centers.

The news director for the Spanish-speaking news affiliate says the following:

Though all their reporters are bilingual, Sandoval said it makes a difference for viewers to see people in positions of authority who speak their language. Reporters often translate quotes from sources, but Sandoval said translating is time consuming, which makes work difficult in a small news operation.

You know what? There aren't people from the Arab or Chaldean minorities raising such a fuss. You know why? Because they understand that to participate fully as citizens in this country, you need to speak the freaking language.

This, of course, probably marks me as racist.

I don't give a damn - but I did edit the "f" word from several parts of this. For those who know me in person, you know that the number of times I use that word is directly proportional to how pissed off or stressed out I am.

So many other things about this fire are pissing me off I can't even speak about them. I think perhaps the most laughable one was the idiot (in an official position) who claimed that the 'car tax' increase (it tripled) would have prevented such a catastrophe because 'that's what the tax was to be used for.' Two things - it didn't go into effect until 01 October, and it was never meant for emergency services.

Then there's the money that we've been paying into a fund on every electric bill for the last twelve years to move power lines underground. Why are people still without power? Because SDG&E hasn't even started yet.

I'd better stop. I have no polite words.

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