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A bit of wierdness, and I don't know why.


And the writer spake unto the computer, "Lo! Thou art my trusted servant. I shall let flow the waters of my creativity upon thee, and thou shalt bear fruit."

And the computer did reply, "Reboot?"

And the computer did reboot.

And the writer did swear.

And when the computer was done rebooting, the writer poured forth the waters of her creativity upon the computer, and then did sit back to admire the fruit of her labors. Then the writer spake unto the computer, "Lo! See this wonderful thing I have brought forth upon you! I shall return when I've had a bit to eat."

And the computer did reply, "Delete?"

And the computer did delete.

And the writer, seeing what had been done, smote the computer, exclaiming in a mighty voice, "Damn you for not first giving me a printout."

And the computer did reply, "Blackout?"

And the computer did spark and cause a blackout.

And the writer stood in the darkness, and knew despair.

And despair grinned, and did speak. "Plot?"

And the writer saw that it was good.

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