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Blue sky

We have blue sky and sunshine.

The air is still unfit to breathe; there's twice the normal amount of crud in the air, but it's half what it was yesterday. I went out with a wet bandanna that filtered most of the dust, although I suspect it didn't filter enough. The hardware stores are out of dust masks.

The truck was covered with stuff, and so was the Escape even though it was under cover. The ash on the Escape was much finer and it fluffed under the broom. I was going to unload it today but I think both vehicles need a quick entry into the driver's seat followed by about 60mph on the freeway before we start moving things out of them.

The Otay fire to the south is now 100% contained, which is good. The Cedar fire is still completely out of control but is mostly in the Cleveland National Forest.

From one of the local news channels, I copied a map and a satellite picture.

Fire map.
There are two small yellow dots between the Otay and Cedar red patches in the southern area, showing a burned area with no active fire. We live just north of those two dots.

Satellite map.

The NOAA has an animation of the smoke.

Air assets are coming today. Lots of firefighters arrived from other parts of the state, from Arizona, and from Nevada so that the local fellows can finally sleep. They've been fighting the fire for over 48 hours.

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