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The drive to class this morning.

The light this morning was incredible. When I was driving in, the only the fires burning were to the north, and they made big band of grey darkness across the sky, sort of like that dark grey that happens in the midwest right before one of the horrendous toad-strangling rains. As I got closer, the sun started to be obscured by the smoke cloud, and it almost looked like everything was glowing, the colors were so vivid. The green of the trees seemed to pop from the dark background, and the iceplant along the freeway banks was a wash of bright, vivid, glowing green. The highway signs were bright, and the white lettering was blue-white. The smoke was filtering the light and taking out the reds. Downtown, where the morning sun usually illuminates the glass buildings, the light wasn't the usual yellow. The buildings shown with blue-white light like a welder's arc. When I got out of the car, the sun was a glowing red ball in the sky.

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