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Finished reading Bernard Cornwell’s latest book, Sharpe’s Havoc. This one was set in Portugal, 1809, right as Wellesley arrived to start chasing the French back towards Spain. The battles are always very real - sometimes I almost feel like I'm charging along among Sharpe's riflemen. Even though I already knew that Sharpe and Harper had to survive, Cornwell still found a way to keep me guessing on whether or not Sharpe would achieve his goal. Amazingly, this time Sharpe didn’t get more than a kiss from the girl. I also discovered that I had missed a book (Sharpe’s Prey); hubby assures me that we have it, and now I must find it.

I saw Sharpe’s Rifles years ago on PBC because the hubby said it was good as we flipped past – and then I voraciously consumed all of the novels we had. Just like James Bond will always look like Sean Connery when I read Flemming, Sharpe will forever look like Sean Bean. Mmm.

Next book: The Moonspinners by Mary Stewart

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