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So girlchild brings home this booklet with eleven places to put the names and addresses for family and friends so that they can all receive a mailed solicitation to subscribe/resubscribe to magazines...but everyone will get a heads-up since I can't find the address book and will have to call them. I do understand such fundraisers are necessary and am thankful this one doesn't require her to actually do the selling....

Spent forty minutes on the elliptical machine thingy today, plus a five-minute cooldown. Go me! The heartrate monitor didn't go insane today, either. Wrapped the knee as per the doc's instructions, but it still aches....

We are re-arraging the audio/visual arrangement yet again. The armoire (the one that became a movie cabinet because no one wanted to carry it up the stairs) must move from the corner, where it provides a nice focal point, to the wall with the stairs going up. Sigh. No choice, though, if we are to have the sofa we want. And we want that sofa.

Am definitely doing NaNoWriMo in November. I even have a clue what the storyline is going to be, as well as its beginning and its ending. Characters are taking shape in my head....

The holiday stand-down will once again be generous. Must decide what I want by Monday. Phoey. Must remember to email the littlest master chief with my request, since I shall be on leave all next week. I'd put in for leave when I thought I might be able to do something else this week, but coursework required too much of me and nothing was left. I refuse to submit something half-assed to a workshop I want to attend...next year, perhaps. Will have what comes out of November's efforts....

There are dirty spots on the wall where I prop my feet while surfing the net. Must clean it....
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