Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

Civil unions and staying up later than I should....

So here's the deal: One of the folks I knew when I was younger is marrying his partner, because his state will soon permit unions. Hooray for them! Like most other people about to get married, he's looking for the right spot and ran into some trouble. (Yes, I know that it's technically a civil union, but really, so was my first marriage, I think, since it was with the Justice o' the Peace.)

One place said they don't do civil unions, and in some of the news articles the owner seems a little...naive, maybe, definitely puzzled, and quick to insist that he means hetero civil unions too. Whatever.

But the other place--that guy said that his facility would never host such a thing because the Bible says homosexuality is wrong. Now, I'm usually more on the fence because I think there's a balance to find in a mass of conflicting personal freedoms, but religion should never, ever be an excuse to be a jerk. Religion is not a shield for the uncivil; Christianity in particular seems to me to require civility. This man was not civil. He was rude and hurtful, and if he thought that he was doing good when he sent the second email, I'd say he succeeded in adding another paving stone on the Devil's driveway. He made a mistake, and now that all has to be sorted out by the state with the wild internet injecting commentary.

Speaking of the wild internet...I followed a suggestion and did a search to see how widespread the attention is tonight. Lots of pages of blogs and sites. I knew I shouldn't look, not this late at night when I really should be sleeping so that I can manage the German quiz tomorrow. But I did look, because who really does resist looking at a train wreck?

And a train wreck it is. On the one hand are the HuffPosters, who think it's a smart idea to harass the B&B owners with emails and phony review postings, on the other hand are the Freepers who see more traps than Admiral Akbar, and somewhere in the middle are the folks who can't seem to figure out that more than one business is involved.

I so very badly wanted to click the comment buttons, even actually did register on one of the sites, but as Ron White says, "You can't fix stupid." But boy, howdy, there's a lot of stupid flowing down the waves and wires.

I just hope that Todd and his partner (and the B&B folks too, who will probably get far worse than they really deserve) are not hurt too badly by the things some of these posters say; sometimes I think people forget that behind these stories are real people, not just some convenient construct to tear down their world.

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