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Sometimes it's nice to have one's opinion confirmed. There was this fellow, you see, who was an admin on a BB I visit quite frequently. He was supposed to be a computer wiz, a master at the technical, if you know what I mean. His departure was quite vituperative, although I admit that the people skills on both sides were considerably inadequate.

I never really liked the guy because he came off as a condescending airbag.

He's got his own site, where he roasts the fellow running the BB. That really started after he went on a childish tantrum when the grievance resolution process didn't give him the results he wanted...of course, he didn't take part in the process so his personal concerns went unheard....

Somehow I think that a fellow who portrays himself as so computer savy and was so integral in making the other website run ought to have a personal website where all of the pictures load...but I suppose that could be my browser. Some sites just don't like microsoft products. Perhaps I'll look at work. Ooop. That's microsoft too.

I also find it incredibly amusing that the site professes to believe in freedom of speech to the point that the owner can say whatever he likes and it's protected...but then makes the statement that the site is not liable for misinformation, or some such. Makes me laugh. Perhaps if the fellow could write without sounding like a petulant child....

So why do I browse that site? It's like driving past a traffic accident. Virtual rubbernecking, if you will.

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