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The cool thing about being here is that the day after we get underway, we're already in the area we'll be operating in. No month or longer transit just to get where we're going.

The down side is that GW is an aircraft carrier, so most anything that doesn't pertain to throwing aircraft off the front of the ship and catching them again isn't as important as everything else. Things seem to be changing somewhat, although it pains me nearly every day to have the CO, XO, or CMC pass down tasking that is basic sailor-crap. Like taking care of your spaces. Sometimes my surface-Navy butt feels like Cassandra.

For example:

Me: Get some caps for those power outlets out on the SPN-46 platforms. We don't want them shorting out on us when we need to use them.

XO three days later on the 1MC: ...make sure caps are on all of your power outlets topside so we don't ground them out in the foul weather. (paraphrased)

Me: Did you get caps for those the outlets?

Sailor: Would you like me to put them on now?


I am sucking at getting my people advanced, by the way, although one of my guys this cycle got command advanced to second class (Squee! We were so excited! And he was so surprised! Had no idea!). It seems that the best advice I can give them is to cross rate to another job.

But back to the cool things. Ports I like, no Arabian Gulf, and home quicker. Yay!

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