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Calling the baby ugly.

Years ago, some people said that colored folks just didn't possess the intelligence necessary to vote, and therefore ought not be allowed to vote. These people said that it was the color of a man's skin that determined his capability to vote intelligently. These people passed 'Jim Crow' laws to thwart justice and keep the votes of the colored folks from being counted. These people were called racist - because that is what they were.

Today on the way back to work after my workout, I heard a clip from the ACLU's press conference given yesterday after the Court's decision. "We know going in that if the vote were to take place in October, that the opportunity for voters of color and low income voters to have their votes counted would be one half to one-third of what it is for white voters and affluent voters." So this guy is saying that voters of color and low income voters are...too stupid to figure out how to vote? Just because of their skin color or income level? (I am ignoring for the moment that he starts with 'we know' when that whole argument is bogus from the start.) They fought to subvert the state constitition and take away the votes of the people of California.

Which brings me to the conclusion that the guy speaking for the ACLU is a racist.

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