Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

Ya get what ya pay for....

Every year, we've been using TurboTax because the California returns are so incredibly puzzling when filing jointly but with one spouse not resident/not domiciled in California. Ick. It would take me hours (over two days, because I would get so frustrated I would toss it all across the table and come back later) to finish.

So this year, TaxCut was offered free to military with free state filing. Squee! Except that somehow it and I didn't quite understand each other, and it totally botched both the California and Indiana returns.


So much for free.

But at least we owe California nothing and they owe us the same. They are sending IOUs for refunds this year because they've spent themselves into insanity. Same for the Feds next year if this insane stimulus piggy bill passes????
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