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Third time's the charm.

My laptop's floppy drive broke about three days after I met perimindyth several months ago. Of course, I didn't realize it was broken until I tried to use it about two months ago. It worked fine, but the disk wouldn't eject. Fortunately, it was still under the extended warranty (we'd somehow figured a laptop that went travelling might need more service than the desktop) and so I emailed tech support. After exhanging a few emails, one of which asked me to do a few things that I already had done, they asked for an address to send the new part to. I waited a week since the move was impending, then sent it in.

Now comes the irritating part. The part never arrived. So I called customer service, and found out they'd shipped it via Airborne Express, and it had been returned as undeliverable. Okay, so maybe...so the nice lady set it up to ship again. No drive. Again I called, and this time spoke to a nice young man, who, just like the lady before quite firmly squashed my request for USPS delivery.

"It'll be there Tuesday," he said.
"I doubt it," I answered.
"Yeah, me too," he admitted.

Well, today we finally got one of the notices that have supposedly been left for us before. Hubby called and they told him it was the second attempt. Yeah, right.

We'll have it tomorrow when he picks it up from their office. Finally. Then I can respond to the customer satisfaction survey I got last week. :oD

I bet Airborne Express is staffed entirely with former Navy supply personnel. The service feels familiar.


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Oct. 20th, 2003 09:19 pm (UTC)
Navy supply personnel
now now ol friend, why speak such of fellow personnel? Some of us are directly trying to make it a better environment by offering our own off spring to the front lines of issuance.
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