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An unaccustomed foray into politics.

Indiana doesn't have recall, and it doesn't have referendum; that said, I do actually remember learning about them in my high school government class. Since most of the last 16 years have been spent in California, I've had the change to see referendum working first-hand. I was interested when the current recall attempt became serious. Why do I care? I live here. I pay taxes, even though I am not a resident of the state (oh, the joys of joint returns and tax tables - and toss in nearly 8% sales tax plus that 17 cents per gallon on gasoline), my hubby is a resident, and my daughter goes to school here.

Recall. What a neat concept. Accountability. I like it.

No lies by omission. "Ooops, we don't actually have any money. Yeah, we ought to have mentioned it earlier, but hey! there was an election going on and all."

No blatantly obvious ties between campaign fundraising and legislation. "Well, the teacher's union didn't come through, so we're cutting schools - which, by the way, the citizens won't let us do so we also get to raise taxes...and no one will ever remember that education is what the lottery was supposed to fund."

And let us not even mention the energy mess last year.

So to me, the recall campaign really looked more like someone holding the governor accountable for what he did. That appeals to my military mind. It's not about sore losers or people buying elections or anything else like that.

The only part that seemed like 'sore losing' or 'sour grapes' or whiny behavior was the endless stream of legal challenges filed to thwart the state's constitution. Fortunately, the courts were reasonable.

Enter the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Never mind that Davis was elected to office less than a year ago with punch-card ballots, oh, but now they aren't good enough. Never mind that the federal government permitted that election, and set 2004 as the deadline for changing over voting systems, but now that will disenfranchise 40,000 voters. Mostly minorities, although for the life of me I can't imagine how the chance of messing up a ballot is related to race - although I am certain someone from the ACLU could explain that...uh-huh. And never mind that the law specifies that a recall election be held within a certain timeframe of the signatures being gathered.

Davis's campaign said that the delay until March would enfranchise many voters. Oh, boy howdy, yes! All of the illegal immigrants - people who decided that they didn't want to use the legitimate immigration process - can now get a driver's license without proof of legal residence. No social security number required. In January, the law that Davis signed last month becomes effective, and in accordance with the motor voter act, those same NON RESIDENTS can also get their voter registration taken care of. (We'll leave aside the fact that all you need to purchase firearms is a valid driver's license...much as I believe in the right to keep and bear arms I don't like the idea of people who couldn't be bothered to obey immigration law owning weapons too...and imagine what it will do to identity theft!)

March has always been the preferred month for the recall to start with. In March, one can expect most of the Dems to turn out for the primary, but not so many of the Reps since the GOP candidate is already determined.

And by March, Davis will have been able to do some of the things he promised and then backed out of....

But what did I expect out of the 9th? Oh, yeah. Justice.

I guess the joke's on me.

I want to go back to Indiana, where things make more sense.

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