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I'm off!

Visiting the folks for a few days before heading on to Norfolk and the new ship. The hubby and the girl couldn't come right now, so I'll see them again in a few months. That means email just got hit or miss. I expect to hit an internet cafe on base and I'll put the ship email address under lock for you guys.

My folks now live in the house that used to be my grandparents' home. It's strange, because the house itself rather dictates where things go, so things are familiar but different. And then there are some things that are the same thing still in the same place where Grandma put them. It's odd. Dad is happy here. I think they weren't so happy living in town with neighbors so close by.

Mom & Dad have a cat, too, who is just adorable. Last night, she was waiting at the garage when we came back from dinner, and shot inside to eat when the door opened. We got out of the car, and the kitten was running back and forth between Mom & Dad and her food bowl. Kinda like, "Oh! Food! but Oh! I love you! But I'm hungry! But I love you! Gotta eat! Love! Ooh! Whatcha doing now!" She's so cute. I would take a picture but I forgot the camera.


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Mar. 27th, 2008 07:13 am (UTC)
Good luck, good luck! Bon voyage! Have a good time with your family and then on the new boat. I hope everything goes well for Mr and Kid on their adventures. And the cats.
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