Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,


Tree is up. Space left for Bud-cat to sleep under the tree.
Front windows decorated.
All mail-out packages sent and should deliver tomorrow.
Hubby presents awaiting wrapping.
All of the girl's presents, with the exception of the stocking gifts, wrapped in twelve identical boxes to make guessing impossible. ;o) So, a box with clothes looks just like a box with books looks just like a box with earrings, and the only difference is the paper outside. I even made her pick out the wrapping paper. Hee! She's finding it amusing and her friends are suitably awed with how devious her parents are. The only thing is, with the exception of one box with a very large book in it, I have no idea which package is which!

So this means I get to sit back and enjoy the season. Yay!

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