Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,


I'm cold.

It's June, but I am inside and all of the windows are open. Still, it's nice to get air and sunlight in the apartment.

We discovered that there is indeed carpet in the library room. After nearly four years of living here, we're finally 'moved in' as far as that room goes. Stuff identified for thrift store, for storage, or for keeping elsewhere, and books to go away listed on BookMooch.

Bathroom was next, and all of the outdated meds are gone, along with the bathtub toys that the girl hasn't even thought about in years, and the pile of junk under the sink. Even vacuumed the fan grate. Still have to get the maintenance folks in to fix the problem with the tub surround, as it still doesn't want to stay sealed to the tub. They'd actually kept it pretty clean while I was away.

Next up: The girl's room and the master bedroom -- both in progress. Then the upstairs hallway, the living room, the dining area, the downstairs bathroom, the kitchen, and the back yard. I figured starting upstairs might work since starting downstairs hasn't ever, lol.

Since I've been home, I have read two books by Tom Holt: Wish You Were Here and Djinn Rummy. The first was probably a little longer than it should have been. Djinn was much better. I figure that being able to have anything you want any time would indeed get a little old.

Also got LibraryThing mostly caught up, but being done will have to wait until the girl gets her books on the shelf and out of that pile on the floor.

And the cats? Samantha is her usual self, happy to see anyone who will give her some luv. Bud is still a whiny thing who is still getting used to me. Silly cat.

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