Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

So, yesterday....

Spent yesterday running all over the ship again. Duty, of course, complicated by the fact that the pier had to be ready for helcopter operations this morning. (As in, all loose things needed to go away, else they'd blow away.) Then the extra press on keeping the hangar bay free of extraneous stuff, and recovering from the pier the necessary stuff that someone else thought was extraneous. And getting the stuff outright abandoned put where it belonged.

Chased parts, found some, harassed the supply bubbas for more (which we GOT today. I take back the last six bad things I said about supply bubbas.) Nice contractors showed me that they'd finally got a new installation working. Yay!

Of course, everyone was checking back in from leave today, and the inevitable phone calls came in for flights delayed out of the Midwest. (Always the Midwest. See why I hate flying home? Why I'll fly all the way to the East coast just to avoid switching in St Louis or Chicago.)

By the end of the day, we had some time for training. Why, on the day that we discuss civilian clothes policy, everyone and their cousin have to come onboard wearing flip-flops is beyond me. Bless the watchstanders for trying, anyway.

And then, of course, it's back out to the hangar, where we find six pallets abandoned by those moving stuff onboard. Fortunately, we were still running a fork truck down to the pier so off they went.

Back down to the pier before revellie, and what do I see? A TRUCK full of food stores, and Supply bubbas getting ready to unload. Eventually. And me, saying, "What do you need to get these trucks off of the pier by 0700?" So we woke up a forktruck driver and off they went.

I had hoped to be out early, but with one thing and another, didn't make it off the ship until almost 1500. (3pm.) Off to the cleaners, then the gas station, and home. But we're about as ready to go as we can possibly get, at least in my division.

Now we have to be like a Nike ad and just do it.

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