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Still too irritated to put together a coherent post, but it all boils down to this:

If the United Nations really, really thinks that I don't have a right to self-defense, then it really has become a useless organization.

More here and here.

The truly worst part lies in the selective use of statistics.

Despite self-defence justifications for possessing a firearm, research indicates that firearms are rarely used to stop crimes or kill criminals.39

And yet, footnote 39 says no such thing:

39 In 2003 only 203 justifiable homicides by private citizens using firearms were reported by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Reports, including 163 with handguns. This number compares to the 17,108 suicides, 11,829 homicides and 762 accidental
deaths caused by firearms in 2003, data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and

"Rarely used to stop crimes or kill criminals" has suddenly, in the footnotes, become "Rarely used to kill criminals" only.

Argh. And bullshit.

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