Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,


Today was way cool. The girl and the husband and I all had a great time today, even if we weren't all together for the whole day. (Er, maybe because?)

Hubby wanted to attend one morning panel, so the girl and I browsed the heck out of the dealer area. Then we all sat down for a snack, and watched Kung Fu Femmes, which turned out to be not quite what I expected. (Silly me was expecting coreographed martial arts. About half of them actually were performing coreographed martial arts, and the other half were performing coreographed dance....) Then we watched a magic show while hubby hopped off to a panel on military tactics in SF, and then the girl and I went to a panel on, yes, Harry Potter. Go figure, eh? After that was the "What if superheroes were real" panel, which got a little monotonous disecting legal ramifications (have none of these people ever heard of a Good Samaritan law?) but was all right. A trade-out on parents and the girl was off to the pool, while I went to a panel on predicting the future though SF, which I had to leave a few minutes early in order to zip over to where Elizabeth Bear was doing a reading from an upcoming book.


And now we're tired and the hubby is checking out the parties.

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