Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,


Been underway again.

It struck me one day that the Hangar is never the same place two days running, especially when we're operating with aircraft. One moment, the place will be an empty steel cave, and the next, I'll open a door and have my entire field of vision filled with helicopter. The Harriers actually look kind of dinky.

Then there are people everywhere--green-shirted maintenance techs maintaining aircraft, yellow-shirted aircraft handlers, red-shirted ammo handlers (aka beebee stackers) and firefighters, cami-clad Marines, and all of the rest of the coveralled sailors that handle the run-the-ship business. (Heh--one day, one of the maintenance guys and one of the handlers were sitting side by side in the Mess at dinner. They looked like a pair of M&Ms.)

More later, perhaps.

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