Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

Mostly dead....

That's how we all feel after the grand girl-room weekend. There's still a pile of stuff downstairs, and we haven't been in the closet yet, but things are definitely looking good. The bed is tall, so that a trundle would go below if we wanted. Instead, three very large plastic tubs under the bed (116 qt?) hold dress-up clothes (packed! Used to have a whole wardrobe cabinet!), barbie stufff (packed! and mostly nekkid, although how with all of those clothes!), and miscellaneous neat stuff (Polly Pocket, Harry Potter, viewmaster, beanie cats....). Smaller totes still hold painting supplies, ello (very cool building set for girls), and another building set with dragons (dragons!).

Bookshelves are full and rather neatly on the shelf, although nothing like thirzajane would do. Fishtank sits in the bathroom while I get up the courage to clean it out--but it might disappear before then.

The paint didn't adhere to the panels in the headboard/footboard, so we took them out and will try again later. The green and blue look very nice on the shelves and on the large cabinet that now serves as a nightstand and holds art supplies. (Yes, the paint box is separate from the rest of the art stuff. We spoil the kid.)

Fortunately, most of the little plastic junk is going out without fuss. She's rather into this, and I think it's because she makes all of the decisions. Paint color, room layout, plastic tubs, what goes where ... all the girl's choices with small suggestions from the parents.

I shall be glad when it is over. Glad, glad, glad, glad, GLAD!

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