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A few days ago, when I cruised through the thrift store, they had a bed for sale that was the same model as the one the girl has now, except that it's low instead of a loft bed. She's tired of having a loft bed and has been wanting something lower for a while now. So we bought it. The parts are completely interchangeable, so the bits that were missing from the thrift store bed can be replaced by the ones on the current bed.

This, of course, requires moving a lot of things in her room, because there had been cabinets and desk space under the loft.

So, we started this morning at the herculean task of emptying her shelves. I currently sit near piles of half-dressed dolls, cars, plastic junk, games, and the ton of other stuff she had in there. It will not all fit back in the newly configured room.

Bonus for Mama.

As we disassembled the shelves, we decided that paint would be nice. The raw wood is too hard to dust. The girl and I spent an hour at Home Depot where she picked out a green and a blue (Behr Christopher Robin's Swing and Behr Liquid Blue) that complement the colors she already has in her bedding. We're painting the shelves green and the upright sections blue. Then she decided that she'd like the white panel on the bed painted in the green, and that the cabinent about to become the night stand should be blue and green, too, since it was rather icky from some of her artistic efforts.

And now? Her bed's half-disassembled, her room full of shelf parts drying and waiting for a second coat, and she's sleeping on the floor in the library. But it'll be back together by Monday night.



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