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Sooo....last week wrapped up the training phase for now. Later, they'll come look at us again, right before we deploy.

Wednesday we did an abandon-ship drill, where we all muster on the flight deck in little groups and read off what to do should we have to abandon ship as well as a brief description of the liferafts and their contents. The fellow I chose to read for my boat did well. After a lengthy paragraph, he looked up at the rest of the folks trying to puzzle out what he'd just read, he said, "Look. Just pull the damned cord and it'll inflate." Hee! Of course, it was also a beautiful, sunny San Diego afternoon.

Wednesday morning, we'd run the scenario once and found a few places where we could improve our execution. I was so frustrated that morning, though, because it seemed like everyone, both training team and crew, had taken stupid pills.

Fortunately for everyone, Thursday's evaluated exercise ran much better. I only felt like killing one idiot who had decided to 'improvise' instead of telling me something wasn't working correctly. I didn't kill him, btw. Just had a few violent thoughts.

Now the contractor swarm as too many things get installed too quickly. I think that's the way of things any more.


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Mar. 27th, 2006 12:03 pm (UTC)
"Look. Just pull the damned cord and it'll inflate."

Reminds me of that scene from Hardware Wars: "You pull the plug."

So when's your next deployment? Can you share a date?
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