Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

Driving in San Diego

As I drove up to Carlsbad and back today, I thought about the freeways here in San Diego. My absolute, hands-down favorite stretch of freeway is the four lane segment of 54 between the 5 and the 805. It travels through the canyons, and every so often, someone (probably high schoolers or college kids from UCSD) decorates it by tossing balloons of paint from moving vehicles. I love the unexpected splatter of color on the grey pavement.

I like 5 as it curls around downtown and the jets roar overhead on approach to Lindbergh Field.

The 163 is lovely, particularly where it crosses Balboa Park. Especially at night.

15's bridge through Mission Valley and then up the hill appeal to me. The newest section with the underground sections are neat, and I like the southern end even though it drops me off at work.

I even like the wannabee freeway section where 125 and 52 join up.

The 805 is functional, industrial, full of purpose. But I have no love in my heart for the 805.
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