Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

Random thoughts

A series of random thoughts that have been accumulating when I've not been in the mood to post.

jkusters is in Philadelphia and got to go to the National Constituiton Center. I'd like to go sometime, and take the girl. It's truly amazing how many people are completely ignorant about what is actually written in the Constitution--amazing how many people online will insist that it guarantees "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." I wish more people would actually take the time to read what it says.

The first time I saw a Dodge Magnum, I thought it looked like a chopped-down hearse. Even in burnt orange. I still hold this opinion.

I've discovered that I don't really give a damn if the government felt the need to record my phone conversations or read my email. That feeling probably comes from my job, where my phone calls from work and the first email account I ever had (at work, of course) were always subject to monitoring. I've never regarded email as equivalent to snail mail, probably because of the monitoring aspect.

This article from The Onion made me laugh. Indeed!

While on a military tangent, I was thinking about how this Iraq war compares with the first. Back then, I remember reading about AF and Army families complaining that they lost the subsitence allowance when their soldiers and airmen deployed ... and had no sympathy whatsoever as the Navy only paid that out when assigned to shore--provided you got approved. This time around, I think we in the Navy have it best. Most of us are still doing the same thing we were in 2000. Sure, deployments are sometimes a little longer, and closer together, but if we weren't deploying we'd be hopping off on exercises or drug ops or off to show the flag and create good will (although on the surface, it might seem strange to create good will by dropping a couple hundred sailors on a community.) This time around, the Army, Air Force, and Marines are really earning their pay.

Intelligent Design as presented in the forms I've read about in the media has no place in a science classroom. A social science classrom, yes. But science, no. For the record--I tend to think of evolution as one of God's little labor-saving subroutines.

It's been nearly a year since the Kitchen Table boards on AMC's website went away. To everything there is a season.... I miss chatting up a few, and miss a few not at all.

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