Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

It's been a while....

But finally a breather. We're slowing down for the holidays at work. One of the other chiefs was gone for two weeks to school, and I was keeping tabs on his shop while chasing about trying to get eleven training packages assembled for January's training. One of those packages required extensive coordination with the other training teams aboard. They were all due to ATG on Friday, and I finished my part on Thursday right before we pulled into port. Literally right before. I had the first quarterdeck watch, so I was still printing them out while I was already in my dress blues.

Now, the first watch in is always hectic, made moreso by the fact that the ship had a party that night and the next day off. So 800 of my closest friends all wanted to leave the ship at once. So did about fifteen pallets of trash. There were a half-dozen other complications and the phones never quit ringing. Oh, and we also had flight quarters to get a helicopter off the flight deck. I was so happy to get off watch. My feet were killing me.

We were only gone for four days but it felt like much longer.

Fortunately, nearly all of the shopping was done and the presents were wrapped before I left on Monday.

Unfortunately, the truck is now broken again. Looks like we may have to replace it soon. Bummer.

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