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Oh! So busy!

So we went up for San Francisco Fleet Week, which was pretty neat except for the very busy duty day on Monday. We gave ship tours all morning, then set up for an official reception, then the folks were escorts and tour guides and whatever else.... I spent the morning on the flight deck hustling the tour guides along, and the evening taking care of the folks on escort and then tour guide duties. My dogs (feet) were so barking after a whole day in those white shoes.

But the trip up and the trip back ... oh, my! So damned busy with a lot of equipment and people issues. One would think we'd been in the yards for months and forgotten how to be at sea!

Tired, it made me, and now today in San Diego the weather is cooling off. Makes me want to go into hibernate mode and sleep through the winter.

Except that Monday is a whole 'nother day.

Maybe pics of San Fran later, and perhaps a video of the cable car ride.


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Oct. 18th, 2005 12:36 am (UTC)
So that's where you've been. I've done San Fran a couple of times. It's a kewl place. Looking forward to seeing your pics.

And, boy, can I understand that hibernation instinct, lol.
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