Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

Back to work

So it was back to work today for all of us, and let me tell ya, it was certainly Monday.

Three new guys for the division, which is a good thing, and sometimes not such a good thing ... they must not be neglected even on a busy day!

Much work to do in a very short period of time, always a potential bad thing brewing. And an even worse thing when it brings your division under the scrutiny of Those Above.

Much coffee, which seemed like a good thing earlier in the day but now, at 2300, seems to be not such a good thing.

A reenlistment, which is a good thing except that the awesome tech reenlisting transferred to Somewhere Else three days ago.

But overall I guess going back to work is a good thing, because I am now Your Tax Dollars At Work instead of Your Tax Dollars Sitting On My Ass At Home. I'm pretty sure that the hubby is happy to have me not underfoot all day.

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