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And today's another day.

I didn't get my papers back from the online instructor. Bummer. I guess I ought to just email her and ask?

I was supposed to be teaching today but the ship cancelled...no big surprise. From the beginning I didn't have a warm fuzzy that this was going to go down. Anyhow, I'll prep for the DDG coming up in a few weeks (since I know the radio stuff so well I'll prep something else, like perhaps computers or auxiliaries or maybe even engagement.) I also get time to research my midterm project online and maybe even write it. The group final project looks like a bear, but maybe it will look better when I read the material again. I think life would be nicer if one of our group weren't terrified of the sobig virus. Sheesh.

I think I may have convinced a friend to participate in NaNoWriMo this year if I do it myself too. Yay!. It'll be quite a challenge since I am more accustomed to writing in 500 words, but it is time to get to those ideas that have been brewing for a while. I was sorting through those ideas this morning as I was getting ready for w--k.

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