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Out shopping

When I came home, I cleaned out the closet. All of the size 18 stuff went into a bag, and some of the 16s, too. Anything too big, or anything I decided I wouldn't wear again. I dropped the lot off at St. Vincent's, because I figure charities like Father Joe's will get the short end of the stick this year while everyone focuses on Katrina. Not that those folks don't need help, but hurricane relief in Louisiana doesn't take care of hungry homeless folks in San Diego.

So then I went looking for shirts, mostly. I spent hours, and came home with a purple shirt and a clearance $6 black skirt. My problem(s):

- I don't like V neck shirts.
- I don't wear underwear as outerwear.
- When I wear a shirt with a little bit of spandex in it, I don't want to stress the buttons over my boobs. Someone could lose an eye!
- Weight loss wasn't proportional. Some areas lost more than others. Thus, a size 14 skort was loose in the waist, but a size 12 was tight through the butt and crotch.
- I neither want to dress like I am 16 nor like I am 66.
- I don't really like to wear clothes tight enough to show the rolls of fat remaining. And I don't like them to bind at the arms.

Sears, JC Penney, Robinson's-May, Lerner, Mervyn's, Torrid (fat goth clothes which were kewl but not what I was seeking today), NY and Co, and goodness knows where else I wandered--I should have been able to find more. Perhaps I was too picky?


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Sep. 20th, 2005 07:35 am (UTC)
I'm picky too, so if you're picky you're not alone. :)

I have a horrible time finding pants myself, given I am 4' 11" and 1) I need something that fits, 2) I need something that I LIKE, and 3) I need something that won't get caught in my bike gears. Most things are disqualified by #1 (things that are short enough in the leg aren't big enough in the waist/rear unless they are petites, and then they have a granny-rear because only little old ladies wear petite, right?), most of the rest by #2, and most of that small remaining fraction by #3. Sigh. And that's assuming I have the moola to buy anything I like--often money comes to play and the only things I like which fit and won't be torn up by the bike end up being like $50.00 each! Yow.

So I know how you feel--many times I've been shopping for 3 hours and have gotten nothing at all!
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